• Rosa Burgoyne

Up and coming brands you should be paying attention to!

Interest in sustainable fashion is growing and growing. Consumers are increasingly looking for ethical options like vegan products or sustainable materials. While big brands like Stella McCartney and ASOS are introducing more environmentally friendly elements into their business (the former has even partnered with Adidas to create a bio-dress made from vegan spider silk), the last few years have seen a rise in newer companies trying to be the most sustainable they can be. We explore a few up and coming brands below…

House of Sunny

House of Sunny only releases two seasonal collections a year and that’s just the beginning of the effort they go in order to make sure that their clothes are made as ethically as possible. The materials they use are recycled and any denim is washed using e-flow technology to reduce the amount of water used. To limit waste further, prints are repeated across shirts and jeans. All products are 100% vegan!



The new clothing brand Pangaia, who take part of their name from the earth goddess Gaia, are on a mission to use innovative technology to make a more sustainable wardrobe. Bio-based fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles create their collection of tracksuits and jumpers. The clothes are coloured with natural botanical dyes coupled with antibacterial peppermint so your clothes stay fresh for as long as possible!

Source: London the Inside


Designed by women and made by women facing barriers to employment, Birdsong creates vibrant dresses and chic t-shirts. Fabrics are sourced sustainably and the brand uses eco dyes to colour their products. Birdsong regard themselves as an opportunity to ‘dress in protest’ against unfair working practices and unsustainable clothes production.

Source: Ethex


A brand committed to designing with longevity in mind, &daughter creates dresses and knitwear made from natural yarn, sourced from the UK and Ireland. It’s run by designer Buffy Reid and her father Colomba which adds a personal aspect to the business. Every section of each garment is made individually and then hand-linked together. With that much attention to detail, you can’t go wrong!

Source: The Telegraph. The model is wearing a cashmere rollneck


Every MARY dress is made to order using deadstock fabrics and are handmade by a small team in studios in London. The founder Mary Benson is enthusiastic about the idea of dresses being made to last for a long time and believes clothing should tell a story. Prints are designed seasonally which means every item is unique.

Source: MARY . Model is wearing a limited edition yellow prairie skirt